Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saudi houses

So what's it like to be rich in Saudi Arabia? Well everyone lives in a castle. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

Hubster and I took a walk the other day. Prayer time rolled around and we weren't fast enough to get a coffee and sit down somewhere, so we went for a stroll instead, and it was so much fun! After you have circled your compound for the one hundred thousandth time, a walk outside when you're not being boiled alive is actually a lot of fun. The houses all look very different, as opposed to the entire communities in Canada that have basically the same house. We watched a bunch of people walking to their neighbourhood mosque during prayer, and then coming back to their homes afterwards. You'll notice that every house has a wall around it and the windows usually aren't terribly big. The style is reflective of the desire that this culture has for privacy. As you can see, no expense is spared when they are building their castles.

While we were out and about, a Saudi pulled up to us and asked us a couple of times if we needed any assistance. When we told him we were just out for a walk, he asked where we were from. Once he found out we were Canadian, he got all excited and gave us his phone number, telling us to call him if we ever need anything. It was nice to see a bit of that famous Saudi hospitality.

Hope we get to squeeze in a few more walks before it gets unbearably hot here.


Random thoughts said...

okay just because you happen to take a munch of pictures of Villa's does not mean that all Saudi's live in Villa's, as a matter of fact some Saudi's live in compounds, some live in flats.

Orchidthief said...

you're absolutely right, these houses are for the rich in Saudi, and out of reach for the average Saudi citizen. What I mean to say was everyone *wealthy* lives in a castle.

Golden said...

haha... the first one looks like my house!! were you walking around the neighborhood?
well, to be honest, it doesn't really matter how luxurious the house looks when the occupants aren't really happy!

Nooni said...

I absolutely love Saudi Arabia, and these pictures only made me love it even more. Saudi Arabians are wonderful!! Don't you say? I'm glad you got the chance to visit us. (:

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