Thursday, February 4, 2010

Google earth frightens me

Okay, so does anyone else feel slightly alarmed that you can now float down to "street level" view on google earth and basically get a 360 degree view of any chosen spot in any chosen city as if you are standing right there?

yes yes, it's very cool, and my first reaction to it was that it was totally awesome that I could see my friend's car in her driveway as if I in the middle of the road in front of it. That happy feeling drained into dismay when I scrolled over to my high security compound in Saudi Arabia where I could see the exact layout of the inside of my compound and view pictures posted by random people on the internet of our swimming pools, restaurant, buildings, etc. etc. It's not a 360 degree view, but it's clear enough to make me feel threatened and paranoid that any random person can download Google Earth and pinpoint the perfect place to throw a "gift" over the wall.

You all know what I mean by "gift", right? RIGHT?!!


Boyd R. Jones said...

That is quite scary. Do you think Google Earth might get implicated in a future compound attack?

Orchidthief said...

yeah, on certain days I do. Then I just block the thought out!