Saturday, February 13, 2010

Faisaliah Friday Brunch

I think I can pretty much let the pictures do the talking here, but if you get a chance to go, or if you are in the mood for a real treat, I highly recommend the buffet brunch on Friday from noon till four at the Faisaliah. No need to reserve, just show up hungry. It's quite pricey - around a hundred USD per person, but absolutely worth it for an amazing time. The pictures don't really do the buffet justice, as there are more food stations than this... I think this is really a must for every expat to do at least once while in Riyadh, because you might not get a chance to see something like this again. Labour and food costs are just too expensive to do something on this scale in Toronto. Kingdom also puts on a similarly lavish brunch on the weekends.

Alright I couldn't resist editing this post. How can I not comment on each of these pictures? They're magnetic! Okay... so in this pictures, I highly recommend the caeasar salad with bacon bits and shredded cheese. I know, you are thinking, "salad at a buffet? what a waste!" But seriously, it's high quality cheese, crispy bacon, and just the yummiest dressing on those leaves.

You can't see it in this picture, but don't miss the souffle. They bake it fresh for you on the spot!

There's this red and cream shotglass with white chocolate wings coming out of it in this picture on the lower right. The server said something like "mumble mumble spicy mumble" and pointed at them. It's delicious!! And, yes, it's spicy, but so good!

I'm a sucker for mussels. They were great. Make sure you get some of the different seafood sauces.

This Chinese noodle station was simply fantastic. I don't know how they make their broth, but it's pretty authentic chinese soup. It's a must.

Other highlights included fresh orange juice upon entry, and a man that walks around with a giant stick of grilled prawns. His job for the entire afternoon is to walk around and put prawns on people's plates. Also, there's a fresh grilling station that has beef tenderloin and seafood. It's all good, I guess, but I couldn't help commenting.


Stacy said...

Oh.. I was going to go to this a few weeks ago but didn't end up going. Looks amazing! I was told you need a big appetite to go.

Tho I'm booked in to do High Tea at the Globe on Friday and I hear that's very good as well. Better take the camera for some food pr0n pics :)

Orchidthief said...

you're gonna love the high tea!!