Monday, March 1, 2010

Canada demolishes USA

OKAY folks, if you are Canadian, you know that hockey is not just a sport. It is THE sport. Yesterday's Olympic gold medal match was not just about winning another gold, it was about a long standing David and Goliath competition that has been going on for years now. It's not just that we won gold in a magnificent overtime goal by a god on skates, no, it was that we won it against the U.S. Don't get me wrong - the U.S. is our friend, our affectionate if not a bit opinionated big brother. But when it comes to hockey.... oooh boy, that is different. That is like the war of 1812 where we draw the line, stand our ground, and if need be, shoot you mofo's down and set fire to your White House.

The truth is, we know we are outmatched by our neighbour to the south in practically every way. They have more money, more people, more talent, more brainpower, more tanks and guns, more glitz and grandeur, more power, more everything than us. And now, even the NHL which was Canada's domain in the golden Gretzky years is dominated by American teams, and has been for a while. It makes Canadians sad. Most of us don't cry about it, but some of us get quite close. And if you are from Toronto, you know we are extra miserable about losing our chance at the Stanley Cup every frickin frackin fruckin season since 19-fr@#ing-'67 ARGHefhiIHF!!!

Now when we look at the Olympics, and take all our boys back from the American teams they've migrated to, and we compare which country is better, it feels good to know that yes indeed, we are still better at SOMEthing! Yes, it's a bit of an inferiority complex that fuels the rage and passion, but can you blame us? We are small, and yes we do have a rodent as a national symbol, but doggone it, we don't always want to be famous for poutine and peacekeeping.

Anyhow, for anyone curious, I stayed up to watch this game. My friends at home are probably snickering at this, because I'm not a sports person at all. But being an ex-pat makes you patriotic. My hubby and I also went to the Canadian Embassy tonight to watch the game again, with pizza and beer - a traditional Canadian meal. We all stood for the national anthem at the end of the game and sang together. It was so nice to feel like we were close to home, where they are probably all still celebrating.... Go Canada Go!!!!

p.s. not that it affects his ability to govern, but doesn't Stephen Harper look a bit pudgy in a jersey?


Armor10 said...

Ok, will give you Canadians this one. Oh and Curling, not even sure how to play that one. But were still pretty cool here in the US. So savor the flavor, because Next time! Next Time!!

Om Lujain© said...

Great Post!!!!!! I miss Toronto :(

Orchidthief said...

Thanks Om Lujain, I miss Toronto every day. My relatives sent pictures and videos of the chaos that broke out on Yonge street after we won. All very polite chaos, of course!

And Armor10, the truth is that even Canadians think curling is a strange "sport" but if it gives us more gold, then we are happy to be good at it =)

Caps Fan said...

I wouldn't say "demolished"... it was one OVERTIME goal. The worst part that gave me a flippy stomach that it was Cindy Crysby. As a Caps fan all I can say is YUCK! Ryan Miller is my hero. See ya in 4 years... :)

Orchidthief said...

Oh, I'm sorry, would the word "OBLITERATED" be more appropriate? How about "POUNDED"? How about "F#@*ED UP" ??

If the Americans ever take home an olympic gold for hockey again (hey, you can dream...) you have my express permission to describe it any way you like.

Who are the Caps??? Does anyone know???

Oh yeah, aren't they in that group of hockey teams that have *NEVER* won a Stanley Cup? I think that officially makes you guys WORSE than the LEAFS!!?? HA HA HA HA

Caps Fan said...

Well I wasn't trying to be hateful but you sound like a poor winner. Sorry you're so bitter, clearly you aren't a sports fan because you'd know that in NHL regulation an overtime win still gives the losing team a point. By the way- The CAPS have more points in the NHL this year than any other team. So, we'll see. Don't be so hateful though, its not becoming.

Orchidthief said...

Um...this is a blog where I write about hoses in bathrooms. Don't take things so seriously - I know I don't!

Alexia said...

Oh my! You and I where at the same place at the very same time.(how on earth did I make that rhyme lol!)
Hubby and I enjoyed the pizza and beer (amongst other real alcoholic beverages at humiliatingly low prices) at your embassy that night too! It was a super night. Go Canada for organising wicked celebrations in Riyadh!

Orchidthief said...

alexia we must have seen each other! except you don't know what I look like...I should be a bit more social at these things, but honestly I spent a good portion of the game watching the guy in front of me spiral downward from buzzed to wasted.