Friday, March 5, 2010

Diamond Restaurant

Of course I have to blog about Diamond now that I've mentioned the Localizer. Because why? Because Diamond restaurant is located in the Localizer mall. One of the entrances is located inside at the end near the Second Cup, the great and hallowed Canadian landmark.

We went this past Thursday night with a group of people to eat around nine and boy were we glad that we had reservations. This place was hopping. The decor was Asian, reflecting the menu, and some of the booths had those Chinese style roofs jutting down from above. There's also a porn style smattering of mirrors on the ceiling, which I had a good laugh about. But the best part of the layout is that the entire section in the middle is quite open instead of sectioning everyone off into booths, and it makes you feel like you're at any other restaurant in any other city.

I cannot resist going into detail about their Happy Birthday serenade. At Diamond, it is not singing, it's drums and chanting. And when I say drums, I don't mean little toy drums, I mean loud, booming, conversation stopping drums. After the seventh time it 0can get a bit old. And I'm not using poetic license here - I literally counted seven Happy Birthday Beheading Jungle Chants.

Anyhow, onto the thing you actually care about, the food. The food was good. I would describe it as Asian fusion rather than real Asian food. Spoiled little me from Toronto will attest that none of it is really how true Chinese, Thai, Japanese or Korean food is prepared, but Fusion has its own rightful place as a type of cooking style, and they do a decent job of it. I'm sure it depends on what you order, but everything we had was satisfying. The Noodle House in Centria Mall is probably a level above this in their fusion food - but Diamond's not too bad as long as you are not expecting expert Schechwan cooking from a Master Chef. I guess ditto goes for Mirage and the Gulf Royal (or is it Royal Gulf?) that are all part of the same chain and therefore have the same menu.

The day a true Chinese or Korean man sets up a proper, quality shop in this city is the day they decimate the competition. And that is the day I will show up expectantly, holding a pair of chopsticks and a camera.


Nalini said...

haha beheading jungle chants, too funny. We have never been to any of the restaurants you mention in this post, although we have heard lots about Noodle House.... we'll definitely need to check them out!

Orchidthief said...

Yes, you definitely must check out the Noodle House, it is some of the best Asian cuisine in the city. The portions are on the small side but all the dishes come on these ridiculously huge plates. If you go, make sure you order the house specialty duck.

Hobo In Paris said...

the noodle house is good for the food, but for ambiance, diamond can't be beat. the noodle house can get expensive, too, as you check off what you want on their pad (smart way to make more money). also, it's open and very bright - not the dark, candle, calm atmosphere of diamond. i'll eat at both, but for special occasions or having the rare guest come to riyadh, i'd take them to diamond.

Faisal Mohammad Asif said...

haha nice post..

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