Saturday, November 7, 2009

Red Sands Hash

This is one of the most memorable hashes I have been on. It's totally worth the effort to make it out to the desert. A good portion of the desert around Riyadh is rocky and dull, but these dunes were really beautiful. We got up to the top of one of the highest dunes in that area and were rewarded with incredible views. A couple pics here for ya. This first one is before we started the walk.

This next pic was taken just after climbing a huge dune. If you've never climbed up a steep dune before, I can tell you it's hard work. No one made it up the hill in one go - everyone, even the most fit people - had to stop to catch their breaths every ten steps or so. It is like doing the stairmaster on the highest setting and you literally inch up the hill because you sink down with each step. You can see in the distance a little cluster of people. That's everyone at the top trying to stuff their hearts back into their chest cavities.


Nancy said...

Hi again,
Thank you for the shopping for new comers post.. I'll do my best to get the most benefit from it:)

But i wanted to ask you about a couple of things.

We're an Egyptian family , we used to live in Jeddah for the past few years. Back there we lived in a small compound, not much facilities and we paid 24 SR a year.. Here in Riyadh Compound prices are actually hilarious in comparison to what we used to pay.
So, do you an Arabic compound with reasonable prices?

Second, I wanna get a course in Tutoring taught n English would you happen to know a certified training center or a college that could provide this course for women?

I hope I'm not bothering you..
Thank you

Orchidthief said...

Hi Nancy,

Questions are welcome, though I'm not sure I can help with these specific ones. I'm unfortunately unfamiliar with the compounds that lean towards arabic speakers, so I'm sorry I don't have suggestions. We pay an obscene amount to be on our compound - 24 is a joke.

I'm also not aware of any courses that specialize in tutoring here or any certification anywhere - even in Canada. Jarir has some English textbooks, so if there's a particular subject you're interested in teaching, you may want to start there to gain expertise in your target area.

Sorry, not much help I know...

Nancy said...

Never mind my dear.. Thanks anyway