Monday, November 2, 2009

piggy buntered

I've learned a new british slang term. In certain parts of Britain, if you're a certain type of British lady, and you are feeling absolutely stuffed after a meal, you might comment to your friends that you're "piggy buntered"

This is not to be confused with "piggy buggered", which is a term that does not exist unless you're a Canadian with a short term memory problem. "Buggered", I was told tonight, is rude. And when you say it, it makes proper British people squirm uncomfortably in their seats. It makes less proper British men laugh while they try to explain what it means to you.

I love the Brits, but why can't they just use normal english to address everything instead of having slang for everything? Anyhow, I'm *knackered* so I'm going to bed.


strangerinthisdunya said...

First time reading your blog... I'm a Brit and I have to say this is the very first time I have heard the expression 'piggy buntered'!!

Orchidthief said...

Yes, apparently it is very regional. I wonder if it is specifically regional to the one woman and her husband that were telling me about it! ha ha

Julia said...

I use the term 'buntered' but I found out today by sister and father hadn't heard of it!
I am English and live in the West Midlands (Black Country)