Saturday, May 2, 2009

no pets

One of the joys of taking a walk in Toronto, especially in the parks, is seeing people walking around with man's best friend. No, not a cellphone you senseless technophiles, it's called a "DOG". I've always wanted to own one myself, but these days I could never justify it, with all the travelling and living in small condos, it wouldn't be fair to the dog. I love seeing their wagging tails, their open mouths panting for a bit of bacon, their excitement at sniffing pools of urine...dogs are the BEST! But it's one thing you won't see on the streets in Riyadh. As of July of 2008 Riyadh banned dog walking and also the sale of cats and dogs in an effort to curb the scandalous flirtations between unmarried men and women that were occurring in pet shops and streets all over the city.

So, a tip for all you singles in Toronto out there - get a dog and join your local dog community - if it worked (so well that it became illegal) for Saudis, it can work for you!


Lost.In.Riyadh© said...

lol... I used to have a dog here in Riyadh, but we gave him away shortly before I gave birth to my baby girl. Anyway, I have been to pet shops recently, and funny enough the dogs (puppies) and cats (kittens) are still for sale... I guess the ban never stuck :)

Orchidthief said...

I'll have to look a little closer into these pet shops when I'm back! All I saw were birds and fishes when I last walked into one.