Tuesday, April 28, 2009

parboiled rice - a crime against humanity?

I'm not sure if we have this brand of rice in Canada, but I thought some of you might appreciate, or might *not* appreciate, seeing this particular rice manufacturer's logo. This brand seems to be in every grocery store here, though I can't recall ever seeing it in Toronto. I had to laugh when I first saw this because parboiled rice is already offensive enough on its own without a terrible yellow cartoon slapped on it. They say it's more nutritious, but I say it's doing a global disservice to proper rice. Because now, when people think about rice, they could think "Uncle Ben" instead of jasmine or basmati. Real rice is insulted by the very existence of the parboiled stuff. It's the ultimate cardinal sin!!!


LadyLuz said...

What a crime against rice! Shame on 'em. Could be dangerous too if it's parboiled and left too long before packaging.

BTW, enjoying catching up with you.

Erin said...

I also thought parboiled rice was the equivalent of "Uncle Ben" type instant, pre-cooked rice. It is not! Tho companies should avoid tacky, racial stereotyped images on their packaging, the product is a very old method of processing rice in India and other parts of Asia. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parboiled_rice for further information. My father in law is African, and introduced me to it. I thought, eww, tacky pre-cooked rice. But, it's nutritional profile is better than hulled white rice, about 80% of brown rice. And it was invented to kill the bugs that live in the rice hulls to allow for better storage - not unsafe! Enjoy.

Orchidthief said...

Ok I just have to weigh in and say that I am aware of the nutritional values of parboiled rice, but it doesn't change the fact that it still offends my tastebuds to the deepest degree when I put it in my mouth. I would rather eat rocks.