Saturday, June 5, 2010

night swims night sky

Okay, one of my most favourite things to do on the compound is take swims at night in the pool. Right now, the weather has gotten a little too hot for afternoon walks, but being outside at night time is heavenly. Bonus - no sunscreen needed.

When my husband and I are out in the pool floating and looking up at the evening sky, it's a different colour from the night sky in Canada. I know some of you may think black is black, and the sky would look the same, but it doesn't! In Saudi Arabia, the sky has purples and reds in it from the glow of the city, whereas in Toronto the black leans more towards an indigo blue-black. The crescent moon here looks like a smile, and all the constellations are in a different position from where they are in Toronto, when you can make them out from a campfire in the desert.


Tara Umm Omar said...

That's interesting. I'll have to take note of that next time I'm out in the desert at night or in a swimming pool (I wish).

Stacy said...

I wonder if some of the orange hue is from the dust in the air. In Olaya I have seen some beautiful night skies, with the orange at the horizon fading up to purple.

However, with all the light-pollution in the city there is nothing better than taking in the expanse of the sky here when alone in the desert. I'm from the southern hemisphere so I don't recognise a lot of the stars and there's no Southern Cross to give me direction.

Now I want to go camping.. I wish it wasn't so darn hot.

Orchidthief said...

Yeah I bet it is the combo of light pollution and dust that causes the city to glow that colour, but it is really beautiful. Out in the desert, the sky really does get totally black and all the stars come out to play. I've never actually been camping overnight out there but have had a chance to sit by a fire a few times and roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. Yum!