Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Haraam

In the Kingdom many things are “forbidden” aka “haraam”…pork is an obvious one, but so are public displays of affection. No kisses, handholding, or any contact really between unmarried men and women in public is allowed. Married people in general don't do it either. When you greet people of the opposite sex, you're supposed to smile, nod, and say hello, but not much more. Haraam has become one of my favourite phrases, and I use it whenever I don’t want to do something. It has become my reason for not doing laundry, for not tasting something, for not answering the telephone, etc. etc. Appropriately used, this phrase is accompanied by both hands held up, just below the chin in the “stop” position. When you utter the phrase, it is most effective if you turn your head slightly, close your eyes, and raise your eyebrows, to complete the disdainful tone.

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Maria said...

I can't stop laughing! You have some great posts on Riyadh's very unique lifestyle!