Tuesday, February 24, 2009

embassy party

This past weekend the hubster and I went to a Canadian embassy party in the diplomatic quarter. Cameras were "haraam" so I have no pictures to post, but it was a fun. The dj played a wide array of music, ranging from icelandic sounding suicide music to hillbilly country at the end of the night. While making a request to the dj I made a general life observation that most dj's seem to be monumentally and unbelievably into themselves, no matter what nationality they are. I suppose I shouldn't complain, because they did play my song eventually ;D <-- yes it's an emoticon and I'm unashamed to use it in place of punctuation :) :)

I had my eye on the buffet stand all night waiting for it to open. When I went over to inquire about it the staff replied, "In about 15 minutes m'am, don't worry you'll be the first." I guffawed, but he was right, I was the first. And after proudly declaring this to the schwarma guy, I turned around and almost walked into a much older stern looking man, who said deadpan, "I am second." He then started laughing; and I was kind of embarrassed realizing that I had probably bragged too loudly to the schwarma man about being first. the food turned out to be great, and just the right amount, as I was able to come back for seconds. Yum!

We had a good time all in all - met some canadians and gawked at a gigantic poorly formed beaver statue. The hubster was more fun at this party than he normally is, which was a bonus. ;)

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IA said...

and i love how u call your husband hubster. its awsome