Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Snacking Riyadh style

So they have some chip flavours here that we don't have back home. As you can see "Vine Leaves" is a popular flavour and I must say that the chips do indeed taste like the middle eastern dish. I was so curious that I opened them up in the grocery store at the cash register. I offered some to the baggers but they declined with smiles, probably because they saw the hungry look in my know - that look that says, "I'm offering this to you because I recognize you are working a hard job for pennies, but I fully intend to eat this entire bag before we hit the parking lot."

This second snack - the Yoki rice crackers I have just started munching on - taste like a stick version of rice crispies with salt on it. I couldn't find Canada's famous ketchup chips but this was supposed to be a substitute of didn't quite work for me.

I'm going to show you our backyard. Here it is - I know you are falling off your chair in amazement right now but please try to contain yourself, it is only a backyard:

While I was taking a picture of my beautiful backyard to show you, I found something else in my backyard:

Did you fall out of your chair yet? I almost screamed, but I didn't; those mystery legs were literally a meter away from me. Anyways, I assume the legs have gone with their owner back to work because I just had another look and they're not there anymore.

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Siraj Siddiqui said...

Thanks for such a beautiful blog on your food experience in Riyadh. Awaiting for more of your blogs.