Wednesday, August 13, 2008

shopping in dubai

I visited the BurJaman mall today. It was breathtaking and everything inside was brutally expensive except for the schwarma. Which by the way was very good.

I went to the Emirates Towers and got my hair cut at Toni and Guy. The muslim woman who sat down beside me asked for a screen to be put up around her for privacy as she took off her head covering and abaya. I think my staring might have been a little obvious because the staff moved me to another chair shortly afterwards.

The temperature here is 41 degrees celsius today. The heat is actually not that bad - it's the humidity that's a killer. For this reason, the streets are totally deserted during the day. The only living things I could find on the street were these guys, and they seem to be having a fight:

Sorry it's a little blurry - I took the picture from a car window because I didn't want to get eaten.


Mona said...

do u put a screen around your head as well?

Mona said...

can u show me a picture of your haircut?

-Kassidy (not my mom)

kassidy said...

from kassidy, marcus, and matthias.


Steve said...

Yes post more pictures Nic! I miss you too!! Let's see some pictures of your hotel and your haircut, and any interesting places you go! And if you take a limo take a picture of that too!!

Orchidthief said...

To answer Kassidy's question - no I thankfully don't have to wear anything on my head. I am not muslim or a Saudi national, so I am not expected to do that, but I am expected to show some respect, so I wear an abaya, a black garment that covers me from neck to toe.