Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why should I answer the phone?

I wonder if Saudi employees ask themselves this question when the phone rings. I spent my morning calling various companies and out of about 10 phone calls only 1 employee picked up. I wonder if they were all in prayers or something because I know they take prayers 5 times a day and everything shuts down for half an hour or so. So if you're grocery shopping and prayers happen you're stuck choosing yogurt for another hour until everyone comes back. Good thing you like yogurt! Anyways, they can't always be in prayers, can they? I've called a number of hospitals multiple times and they just don't answer the phone. Why do you have a phone number if you're not going to pick up the phone? Why can't you get an answering machine? Why do you tease me like this? These are good questions, but 9 out of 10 employees in Saudi are not going to be answering them because they are busy ignoring your call.

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