Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Amore Pizza

Okay guys, if you have been living here for 6+ months and have not treated yourself to a meal at Amore, you have just done yourself an unjustifiably bad disservice. Shame on you! Don't cry, you can still save yourself. This restaurant is located on Tahlia, next to another pizza shop that I have never been to, and have no plans to visit because I know I will only be disappointed after Amore.

Amore's family section has a nice open area and then booths in the back. It has a modern vibe going on and I dig it. I don't like sitting in booths because I feel all cooped up. And I already deal with that all day on the compound so... thumbs up for open spaces. When I first got here, I thought, "wow! private booths everywhere, how cool!" and I took pictures of them. I know I know, it's sad, but it seemed so VIP-ish back then.

Amore's specialty is thin crust pizzas, baked in wood burning ovens. The service is attentive without being intrusive. For appetizers, they serve up a delectable spattering of breads, and the most awesome skinny breadsticks I've ever had. As an aside, I told one of the waiters once how much I loved the breadsticks and he came back to the table with gobs of it. They have a fantastic selection of blended drinks that don't taste like they came out of a can. All the pizzas are just scrumptious, but I have to also mention the spinach ravioli and seafood soup (yes, really!) as standout choices too. Special shoutout goes to the calzones that are the size of your face. Order it, you'll see what I mean. I'd tell you about dessert, but I can't remember ever having room left in my stomach for them. I have absolutely positively nothing to complain about when it comes to this place. One of the best things about Amore is that I've never known them to have an 'off night'...the food and service are just consistently good all the time. It's a safe bet for a good night out. My god...what have they drugged me with that makes me gush like this?! It must be addictive because I always go back for more.


momorsy said...

where exactly in Tahlia??
does it have singles section?? i sure like to try it.

Orchidthief said...

Yeah it does have a singles section. It's right next to Waterlemon, and roughly across the street from the Vapiano in Localizer Mall

Adnan said...

So, based on your lovely recommendation, I visited Amore last night. I managed to get in just before it started pouring rain.

The atmosphere looked inviting, and although, initially I planned to take-out, peering out the window I decided to dine in since I hadn't tagged an umbrella along.

I ordered the Pizza amore with pepperoni and green chilli on top. I sat and nibbled on the bread. Soon enough the pizza arrived.

I could tell it was light weight and not greasy. It tasted good too, except 4 slices in, I realised they forgot my pepperoni! I was upset. I called for the waiter who realised the mistake and apologized. I wasn't happy because it would take another 10 minutes for them to prepare the new pizza with the right toppings. Unfortunately, I loose my appetite if I stop eating.

I decided to go ahead with the replacement for take-out, because I didn't feel like staying there after they screwed up my order. They profusely apologized and brought me a newly baked one a take-away, along with the original one.

I left and got home in 10 mins. I proceeded to try the one with the pepperoni, only to realise that what I was afraid of, came true. In haste to prepare my corrected order, they didnt bake it for long enough and the dough was actually very soggy! :(

Quite disgusting! I tried to eat a slice and gave up!

Very disappointing service and food for SR85!

Not going back there again!

AAF said...

I've heard another good review about the restaurant. Will definitely have to try it out.

According to Adnan, the average per person cost seems to be SAR 85. Orchidthief, would you say thats about right?

Orchidthief said...

Adnan, I'm a bit shocked that you had such a bad experienced and feel bad for you. I guess they do make mistakes after all. I've been there at least five times and never had any kind of issue or mistakes, except when you're hungry and the restaurant is busy, it can feel like they are taking forever to get there.

One thing I did not mention is that the pizza is terrible when it's not fresh - exactly as you say, soggy, and it looks like it's not cooked on the bottom because the dough is white. Microwaving after the fact also does nothing for it. You have to eat it on the spot or it won't taste good. That being said, I can't imagine they would send an annoyed customer away with a half cooked pizza. Sorry I didn't warn you all before, but you gotta have it there or you'll hate it!

As for pricing, I believe the pizzas are somewhere around the 50 riyal range and the blended drinks maybe 30 riyals or so?