Friday, October 10, 2008

A day in the life of a Saudi kid

I know we've already discussed my interest in mall indoor amusement parks for kids, but I couldn't resist posting a couple of more pictures of the kinds of things they have! Now I can't remember which mall this was because they all blend together after a while, but check out these giant mechanical animals that kids get to ride on. That blur behind the lion's butt beside the three men is an excited little girl swaying side to side, ready to pounce on that animal. Once they start up the animal, it walks on its own around in a big circlewhile the "trainers" hold the "leashes" and make sure the kids don't fall off it. And guess what - all the animals have built in radios so they project music during the ride! I know these animals are not real, but even if they are machines, I still feel a bit sorry for them.

Also, here is a kids-themed haircutting shop inside the mall. The floor is covered with a racetrack pattern with cars on it, and you can see Disney characters everywhere on the inside of the shop. I mean, if I was a kid and I knew haircuts would involve all those toys, I'd beg to get my haircut till I was shaved bald


Celeste said...

those mechanical animals are crazy! i kinda feel badly for them too! aw!

Steve said...

Those robotic animals are PROUD to serve their masters!!!