Saturday, September 6, 2008

Grocery shopping at the Danube

I know that I've already taken you guys grocery shopping with me, but I couldn't help but post a few more pictures. Every time I go to one of these enormous grocery stores, I feel like I am Gary Coleman walking through the aisles because I can't reach half of the things on the shelves.

Here is a wall of soap. I've never seen so much soap in one aisle in my life. The selection at these stores is not actually that large, it's just that they put 100 of everything they have right on the shelf for us poor sods to pick through.

And here is a wall of toothbrushes... I trust you see where I am going with this. You must wonder about how much time I spend in grocery stores. Let me explain. There are buses that take us to malls and grocery stores almost every day here at the compound, so if I don't go, then we are essentially paying for the bus drivers to drive *other* people to the malls. And we just can't have that, now, can we?

Here's another picture of the children's section in Hayat Mall. It's an ice rink! I wanted to go skating but my man told me that it was only for kids and gently refused my invitation, pressing us on for the groceries. I can only say this: I am in touch with my inner child; are you?

And along that vein, I am posting this picture for you children out there to snicker at. I found some biscuits:

I'm in touch with my inner Gayelord; are you? I realize this is only funny to a small segment of the adult population, but sadly, that segment includes myself.

Ok and all jokes aside, I want to share this last pic with you. It's not a reflection of Saudi culture in any way, it's just plain weird to find something like this in a grocery store in any part of the world:

Predator, Storm troopers, and Lobsters - watch out!

Well I promise you guys that haven't gotten too bored with all the domestic topics more exciting pictures in the future...eventually when it less hot, I will take you out into the beautiful desert.


Nelia said...

I would have totally gone skating with you Orchidthief!

Vanessa said...

Have you happened to see any tomato juice about Riydah? My friend who recently moved there is craving some and hasn't been able to find any. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us who are not able to be there!